I'm originally and proudly from Washington, DC - a political town, yes, but one whose no-nonsense attitudes about policy also extend to music and arts. The dedicated musicians of this smart, cosmopolitan city sustain a hard-hitting music scene aimed at satisfying the most discriminating and sophisticated tastes from all over the world. 

My first love is pop music. From the moment I was allowed to listen to it, it intrigued me, it moved me, it made me feel "cool". I've been singing and writing pop music ever since. However, I am a truly versatile singer - not a "copycat". I first learned to sing and read music in church, performing classical & liturgical compositions. In my early adulthood I took to the musical theater stage, singing and dancing to the music of greats like George & Ira Gershwin, Rogers & Hammerstein, Leonard Bernstein & others. Show tunes were a natural segue to singing American jazz standards - a focus I would maintain for years until discovering the music of Brazil when bossanova, samba, baiao rhythms and composition overtook me for another decade and became my specialty. My complete immersion into these influences and the understanding of their respective nuances are what I believe set me apart from other singers. I understand intuitively the kind of voice that the song wants telling it's story. This voice must match the soul of the music and lyrics and the quality of the production.

That said, we cannot forget that time is money - and studio time can cost a lot of it. I accomplish in hours what can take other singers an entire studio day. This is because I get very familiar with your material before the session. I ask the right questions to the songwriter, engineer or client and rehearse beforehand. I arrive ready to perform and record. Together, we make adjustments, apply your directives and create the characters, tones, moods, harmonies or counter-melodies you've been hearing in your mind's ear.
I've recorded for the “Just Dance 2015” video game, Volkswagen, LiteBrix and Bandai (Locksies); recorded with Arturo Sandoval, Hadrien Feraud, Vinnie Colaiuta, Scott Kinsey, Gary Novak. Other clients include The Baltimore Ravens, Google, The Smithsonian Institution & The William F. Kennedy Institute.

Contact me with your songs and vocal ideas.